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Constitution Of Welfare Board

Introduction :The Welfare of the Staff in the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) shall be guided, controlled and monitored by a Board to be known as the BSNL Staff Welfare Board.

The Headquarters of the Board will be at the corporate office of the BSNL.

1. Name: The Board at the corporate office shall be known as the ‘BSNL Staff Welfare Board’ and the corresponding Board in the Circles/Telephones Districts, etc. shall be designated prefixing “BSNL” to the name of the Circle and deleting the word “Telecom” from it. For example “Tamil Nadu Telecom Circle Staff Welfare Board” will be known as “BSNL Tamil Nadu Circle Staff Welfare Board.”. Each Circle /Administrative Office may have a separate Staff Welfare Board which may be formed from time to time. Such field level Boards will be formed with the concurrence of the Executive Committee of the BSNL staff Welfare Board.

2. Objectives:

2.1 The Board shall promote, develop, organize and exercise overall control in respect of staff amenities and welfare institutions. The Board may set up such subsidiary committees as it may deem necessary for specific purposes.

2.2 The primary objectives of the Board will be as follows:
(a) Grants to Circle Welfare Boards
(b) Setting up of and grant in aid to staff welfare institutions such as holiday homes, crèches, tailoring centres, recreation clubs, schools and the like.
( c) Financial assistance to Voluntary Welfare Associations like Telecom Women’s Central Organization (TWCO)
(d) Organization of arts and crafts competitions, exhibitions, holiday/scouting camps etc.
(e) Training of first aid and organization of ambulance brigades etc.
(f) Financial assistance to deserving educational institutions sponsored by the staff of BSNL
(g) Scholarship and incentive scheme to children of BSNL employees for their education.
(h) Financial and medical assistance to BSNL staff and their dependents in cases of exceptional hardship resulting from serious or prolonged illness or major surgical operations.
(g)Financial assistance to such other specific purpose not covered above and which the Board may decide.


3.1    The BSNL Staff Welfare Board shall be composed of
i) Chairman CMD, BSNL
ii) Vice-Chairman Director (HRD)
(iii) Members 1. Director (Operations)
2.Director (Finance)
3.GM (Admn)
4. President, TWCO
5-7 Three Heads of Circles
8-10 Three Representatives from the Wings of BSNL, Viz Operations, Planning and Civil wing
11. One Representative from the Recognised Staff Federation.
(iv) SecretaryDGM (Welfare & Sports)
(v) TreasurerAccounts Officer to be nominated.
The Chairman of the Board will have the power to nominate or co-opt any suitable person(s) to the Board as its Member (s).

3.2     The composition of the Circle/Administrative Office Staff Welfare Boards will be as follows:
i) PresidentHead of the Circle/Administrative Office
ii) Vice PresidentAny Officer to be nominated by the President
iii)Member SecretaryWelfare officer or any other officer dealing with welfare work
iv) Members (a) In the case of Circles one representative from each wing to be nominated by the President Or In the case of Administrative Office not more than three members of the Staff to be nominated by the President.
(b) One Representative each from Independent Administrative Units which do not have a Welfare fund committee of their own. (To be nominated by the Heads of such units).
( c) One Representative from each of the Federation of the employees Unions as recommended by the Respective Federations from among the Members of the Federation in that Circle/Administrative Office.
v)TreasurerJunior Accounts Officer to be nominated by the President.

3.3   There shall be an Executive Committee a the Corporate office for guiding and controlling the day-to-day welfare activities in the BSNL with the following office bearers:-
(i) President GM (Admn)
(ii) Members 1)DGM (WL. & Sports)
2) DGM (EF),
3) Treasurer
(iii) ConvenerDM (Welfare & Sports)

The administration of the fund will be done by the Secretary and Treasurer as per sanction of the President of the Executive Committee conveyed in writing.

3.4  The President of the Circle/Administrative office Staff Welfare Board may nominate an Executive Committee with Member Secretary of the Staff Welfare Board as Convener for guiding and controlling the day to day activities of the Circle/Office.

Provided that the Executive Committee so nominated by the President shall not exercise power in relation to sanction of funds out of the discretionary grants placed at the disposal of the President.

3.5  There shall be a Committee at the Corporate Office to guide and monitor the welfare programmes of the staff of the Corporate Office as follows:
(i) PresidentGM (Admn)
(ii)Vice President DGM (WL &S)
(iii)SecretaryDM (WL &S)
(iv) Members Four members of staff (to be nominated by the President)
(v) TreasurerAccounts Officer/Jr. Accounts Officer (to be nominated by the President)

Provided that the Executive Committee may sanction expenditure on all cases to temporary states employees and regular employees drawing pay up to Rs.(17,600-IDA)

4.Tenure of Office

4.1   Members of the BSNL Staff Welfare Board and Circle Staff Welfare Board will hold office for a term of two years, unless otherwise extended or renominated for another term.

4.2   A member of the Board shall cease to hold the office on retirement or termination of service for any reason including resignation.

5. Functions and Powers

The Boards both at the Corporate office and in the Circles etc. will work in an advisory capacity. The authority for final decision will vest with the Chairman of the Central Board and Presidents of the Circle Boards.

6. Meetings

The meetings of the Central Board and Circle/Administration Staff Welfare Boards may be held as and when necessary but at least once in a year.

7. Quorum

The quorum for the meeting shall be four including the Chairman/President subject to the condition that at least one representative of the staff and one representative of the federation or Union is present in the meeting.

8. Finance

(i) Central fund : The finance of the BSNL Staff Welfare Board shall comprise

(a) Grant in aid from BSNL to the Staff Welfare Board
(b) Voluntary donations and subscription fund, raised by organizing cultural meets, variety entertainment, issue of souvenir etc.
( c) By organizing any other activity.

(ii) Allotment of funds:

(a) An amount representing 10% of the total grant will be retained by Central Board to be expended on Special cases or requested received by the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Board.
(b) The balance amount will be allocated by the Executive Committee of the Central Board to the Circle Staff Welfare Boards after making an assessment of their requirements.

(iii) Circle Funds: The finance of the Circle Staff Welfare Boards shall comprise:

(a) Grants made by the Central Staff Welfare Board.
(b) Voluntary contributions from the staff.
(c ) Funds raised by organizing shows, cultural meets, variety entertainment, issue of souvenir or by organizing any other activity.

(iv) Discretionary grant: The presidents of the Circles Staff Welfare Boards may utilize at their discretion up to 15% grant allocated to them every year from the BSNL Staff Welfare Board on special cases or on requests received by them, provided that this expenditure will also be based on the general principals of expenditure of the fund such as grant of flood relief, financial assistance and other philanthropic measures.

(v) Unspent funds:
The unspent funds at the end of a year with the Central and Circle funds will be carried over to the next financial year.

(vi) Eligibility for Benefits:

Unless otherwise specially provided only regular employees of BSNL earning basic pay upto Rs.(17600-IDA) will be eligible to the benefits.

Provided that the Executive Committee may sanction expenditure on all cases to temporary states employees and regular employees drawing pay more than Rs.(17,600-IDA)

Provided further that the Chairman may by general or special orders include any class of employees who are not normally entitled to benefit from welfare fund, as beneficiaries in relation to any or all of the welfare activities to be specified in that order.

9. Audit

(i) A financial statement indicating the total receipts and expenditure of the BSNL Staff Welfare Board will be submitted to the Corporate Audit after the close of the financial year and the balance amount shall be carried forward to the next financial year.
(ii) The Corporate Audit shall audit the accounts before 31st October of the year.
(iii) The audited accounts shall be placed before the BSNL Staff Welfare Board in the ensuing meeting of the Board.
(iv) The Circle Staff Welfare Boards at the close of each financial year shall get the annual accounts of receipts and expenditure audited by the Circle Audit latest by 31st July of the following year.
(v) An Audited statement of the annual accounts of the Circle Staff Welfare Boards for the last financial year shall be furnished to the Central Board latest by 31st August of every year, so as to become eligible for grant-in-aid for the year.

10. Remittances

The remittances from the Central Fund to the Circle Funds and to other Units and vice-versa and other remittances from the Fund may be made through cheques or bank drafts. The cheques will be jointly signed by the Secretary and Treasurer under proper authorization of the President of the Executive Committee.

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